Painted Socks


Wear it, wash it, love it! Give yourself a sprinkle of arts every day with these ‘painted’ socks. With seven-mile boots you will zigzag through some beautiful art stories... and enjoy your every day life.

  • Bosschaert Socks
    Bosschaert Socks

    Bosschaert socksThis pair of socks is inspired by ‘Bouquet in an Arched Window‘, painted in the early 17th century. We merely brightened the colours to create this funky sock!This flower still life is one of the many uplifting…

  • Cranes Socks
    Cranes Socks

    Cranes socksThis pair of socks is inspired by a pattern design of Japanese cranes, pictured on a 100-year old ‘furisode’ made by an anonymous craftsman.

    A furisode is a precious Japanese kimono only worn by young, unmarried…

  • d'Hondecoeter Socks
    d'Hondecoeter Socks

    d'Hondecoeter socks (Menagerie)Your pair of socks is inspired by exotic animals painted vividly by the Dutch painter Melchior d’Hondecoeter in the 17th century. Already in his own days his animal scenes were very popular and…

  • d'Hondecouter Socks 2
    d'Hondecouter Socks 2

    d'Hondecoeter socks (Seven chicks)This pair of socks is inspired by a study the Dutch bird-painter Melchior d’Hondecoeter made in the 17th century of live chicks.
    This job would have been easier done using chalk or charcoal but…

  • De Heem Socks
    De Heem Socks

    De Heem socks_flowersThis pair of socks is inspired by a flower still life painted in the 17th century by Jan Davidsz. De Heem, a world famous representant from this typical Dutch genre to this day.

    What we do not always realize…

  • Haeckel Socks
    Haeckel Socks

    HAECKEL SOCKSYour pair of socks is inspired by the most cheerful & colorful illustration scientist Ernst Haeckel has left us! As a zoologist he must have been extremely fascinated by the out-of-this-world features of the…

  • Van Leen Socks
    Van Leen Socks

    Van Leen socksYour pair of socks is inspired by a tiny watercolor painted by the 18th century Dutch painter Willem van Leen: 'Bouquet of tulips, violets, blue grapes and dotters'. The original only measures 210x144mm and is one of…

  • Voogd Socks
    Voogd Socks

    Voogd socksThis pair of socks is inspired by the gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome, painted in the early 19th Century by the Dutch painter Hendrik Voogd. Leaving for Italy at the age of 20 thanks to a small allowance of a…

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