BergHOFF is an international brand which creates, produces and distributes sophisticated kitchen designs that give an edge to the everyday cooking experience. Our passion for cooking and a keen eye for detail result in products that have been recommended and rewarded for their aesthetics as well as their functionality. Distributed via a worldwide network, BergHOFF is the brand that brings design and innovation to every kitchen.


We are not just another kitchen and cookware supplier. We bring our customers the best designs at the best possible price. From initial sketch to final product, BergHOFF provides the complete cooking experience with a full range of quality products.


We are passionate about cookware in all its forms and have more than 20 years of experience. Combine this with our in-house expertise and longstanding commitment to making quality design and you’ve got a mature brand that provides you with the right ingredients for your everyday and not so everyday cooking adventures.

  • Knife Bread
    Knife Bread

    Want to cut through a crusty loaf of bread evenly and cleanly or slice your tomatoes to perfection? This serrated bread knife is just what you need! It saws right through the crust or skin, leaving the softer inside intact. The…

  • Knife Chef 13cm
    Knife Chef 13cm

    This 13 cm chef’s knife is a great multifunctional knife to precisely cut, slice, dice or chop your favourite ingredients. Whether you want to dice some cheese, chop lettuce or cut a chicken breast, this all black stainless…

  • Knife Chef 19cm
    Knife Chef 19cm

    Whether you’re cutting meat, fish or vegetables, this knife is the best ingredient in your kitchen! It can be used for a variety of cutting jobs and thanks to its wide and heavy steel blade with non-stick coating it’s also…

  • Knife Santoku 16cm
    Knife Santoku 16cm

    This Japanese-style knife is a great all-rounder in your knife set. It’s lighter than a regular chef’s knife, allowing you to cut or chop quicker. Thanks to the wide blade you can also use it to crush garlic and scoop up…

  • Knife Vegetables 12cm
    Knife Vegetables 12cm

    Whether you’re chopping up vegetables for a snack to serve your kids or working in a high-end restaurant, the right vegetable knife will make your cutting job a lot easier. This sleek Ron knife is a pleasure to use. Its…

  • Knife Paring 8,5cm
    Knife Paring 8,5cm

    A good paring knife is one of the most multifunctional tools in any kitchen. Want to mince a clove of garlic or segment a grapefruit? This stainless steel paring knife is cut out for the job! Because of the seamless transition to…

  • Knife Organiser
    Knife Organiser

    A tailor-made knife organiser that fits right in your kitchen drawer? This durable ash wood organiser is just the thing you need! It’s perfect for storing knives smaller than 15 cm and can be expanded thanks to the individual…

  • Wall Knife Holder
    Wall Knife Holder

    Want to store your knives without using valuable countertop or drawer space? Mount this magnetic knife holder on your kitchen wall and store all the Ron knives safely within reach. The strong magnetic strips ensure the knives are…

  • Knife Block
    Knife Block

    Want to give a stylish touch to your countertop? This ash wood knife block looks great in any kitchen and safely stores up to five knives. The angled design helps to protect the blades while the large, well-distanced slots ensure…

  • Peppermill 16,5cm
    Peppermill 16,5cm

    With this glossy black pepper mill at your side you’ll always be prepared to add that finishing touch of freshly ground pepper to your dishes. Just fill the mill with peppercorns, adjust the coarseness of the ceramic grinding…

  • Peppermill 26,5cm
    Peppermill 26,5cm

    Spicing up your cooking has never been easier than with this large pepper mill. Just give it a twist to give your dishes a full flavour with freshly ground pepper. Thanks to the easily adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism, you…

  • Peppermill 42cm
    Peppermill 42cm

    Want to make a statement at the dinner table? With its considerable height of 42 cm and iconic design, this wooden pepper mill will definitely make an impression! Enjoy the feel of the glossy black wood and twist the adjustable…

  • Ron Casserole 28*22cm
    Ron Casserole 28*22cm

    Succulent meat that falls right off the bone and melts in your mouth? No problem with this black cast iron casserole! Use it on any hob or in the oven and then take it to the table to keep your food warm longer. Thanks to its…

  • Saucepan 18cm
    Saucepan 18cm

    Built to last, this black cast iron saucepan is perfect for simmering the finest sauces, boiling rice or preparing heavenly custards. Mixing and stirring is a cakewalk thanks to the pan’s wide opening and 1,7 litres capacity.…

  • Ron Frying Pan 26cm
    Ron Frying Pan 26cm

    Ruggedly handsome, long-lasting and solid, this black cast iron frying pan is great for searing pork chops, frying up crispy bacon or even baking a batch of cake. The spout on the side allows you to drain off grease without…

  • Ron Casserole 24cm
    Ron Casserole 24cm

    Cook like a true professional with this versatile black cast iron stockpot. The Ron stockpot is perfect for your slow-cooking recipes and can be transferred from hob, to oven, to table with ease and style. Braise your meat for a…

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